Thursday, May 07, 2015

Vote Labour 7 May 2015 - and lets get rid of this Tory Government

Vote for fairer taxes 
such as a Bankers tax, £2 million Mansion tax & a 50p tax rate for the rich,
Vote to abolish
the Bedroom tax and the Health & Social Care Act (NHS privatisation),
Vote to increase
the number of nurses and faster treatment for cancer and access to your GPs
Vote to get rid of 
exploitive zero hour contracts and poverty pay.
Vote to build 
a million homes, regulate the private rental sector and cap rent rises.
Vote to end
excessive employment tribunal fees & give workers a voice on executive pay
Vote to freeze 
energy bills, a £3000 reduction in tuition fees & job guarantee for the young
Vote to stop
Free schools, increasing primary class sizes and employing unqualified teachers
Vote for 
Free child care and a national care service for all.

If you support the policies above then vote Labour and remember that in a marginal, any vote that is not for Labour, is a vote for the Tories and Cameron as Prime minister.

We want what is best for the many and not for the few. We are Labour.

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