Friday, July 19, 2024

Labour Win in Little Ilford & Beckton Ward By-elections


Just back home from the Count at East Ham Town Hall. So pleased that both Blossom and Alam (5th & 6th from right) had clear wins in their elections. I will post more on the elections when I can. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The King's Speech Presents: A New Deal for Working People


Hi John,

The King has just made a huge announcement at the State Opening of Parliament – this Government will be writing the New Deal for Working People into law, in full, in an Employment Rights Bill.

This is a historic milestone for our movement, we wouldn’t have come this far without your support.

But let’s not kid ourselves - bad bosses are coordinating attacks on the New Deal in the press and across the media. They’re determined to undermine and unpick it, so they have free rein to carry on driving down pay and conditions.

We’ve come too far to let that happen.

Add your name to celebrate the New Deal and show your support:


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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

This Moron could be the next Vice President of the USA (If so, that will make 2 at the top)

"Donald Trump's new running mate JD Vance says the UK may now be “the first truly Islamist country to get a nuclear weapon... since Labour took over"

Sorry about being very disagreeable (and breaking my normal rule about disagreeing without being disagreeable) but what a piece of dangerous *****. IMO for what it is worth.

Hat-tip thingy @AdamBienkov & @LondonNurse2015 

Monday, July 15, 2024

Supporting Aktharul Alam in Little Ilford - By-elections Thursday 18 July


This evening I led a team in Little Ilford with our Labour candidate, Aktharul Alam (taking selfie), using printed sheets instead of the "doorstep" app on our phones. This is due to some national Labour technical glitch, which I believe has now been sorted. 

It was actually quite nice to have pen and paper again and to work as a team rather than individuals. Probably a more social and gossipy way of doing things while you wait to give your data or be given new addresses to call upon. 

The canvass itself went well and there was a number of teams out all day and evening in Little Ilford and Beckton Ward (where there is a second by election with the Labour Candidate being Blossom Young). 

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Surgery, knocking up Little Ilford then phone banking for Beckton By election (both 18 July)


This morning I had my Councillor surgery in West Ham ward then cycled over to Little Ilford to go out and door knock for the Labour Candidate, Aktharul Alam. There are two By-elections next week on Thursday July 18. I joined my fellow UNISON member Alan Griffiths. 2 other Labour teams out canvassing.
We went to Warrior Square, which I am told is named after the famous Victorian Battleship, HMS Warrior, which was built nearby and is now in Portsmouth historic dockyard (which I have visited several times).
This was an overwhelmingly positive canvass. I think that residents realise that they need a local Labour Councillor, who can work with our newly elected local Labour MPs, to press the case for Newham, with a newly elected Labour Government. Makes sense.
Later that day I messed up on the timings of a canvass for our Labour Candidate in Beckton By-election, Blossom Young, so did some phone banking for her from home using the Labour Party "Dialogue" software. It is pretty frustrating process since so many telephone numbers are wrong but the 10 or so residents I managed to speak to were all Labour, which was positive.
If any London Labour activists can help out this week and on the day with our 2 by elections then please do. There is a problem with the link to Labour events website which I hope will be sorted out very soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

On the knocker for Labour Blossom Young in Beckton with Sir Stephen Timms MP


Great picture from tonight's canvass in Beckton for the the Newham Council by-election next Thursday 18 July. Sir Stephen Timms came to support Blossom. Stephen use to be the local MP before recent boundary changes. He remains the MP for East Ham and we all congratulated him on his recent appointment as a Minister of State in the new Labour Government.

What was pretty amazing is the number of residents who came out to thank Stephen personally for his help and support with their personal issues as the local MP. It shows the cynics that elections and personal representation  matter. Blossom will be an excellent Councillor and will no doubt carry out the proud tradition of personal representation typified by Stephen and James (Asser the new MP). Not forgetting the other important local by election in Little Ilford next Thursday which I will be supporting and post upon over the weekend. 

Friday, July 05, 2024

Labour wins the 2024 General Election (and West Ham & Beckton)


This photo is from 5:19 am this morning after James Asser was declared Labour MP for West Ham & Bow. I had been his agent and want to thank the brilliant team supporting him at the Count and the fantastic activists who had been banging the drum for Labour during the last 6 weeks. 

Today has been a very special day in my life with the election of a Labour Government. Rest assured I will post further but currently resting while still smiling every time I see the news.

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Eve of Poll Campaigning in West Ham & Beckton for James Asser and a Labour Government

Tomorrow at the polls, vote for our local Labour candidates in Newham & Bow: for West Ham and Beckton for Stratford and Bow for East Ham. Vote Labour everywhere!

Remember that this is about electing a future Government. The only real choice is between a Labour Government or a Tory Government. A vote for any other Party is in my view a vote for the Tories.

Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Canvassing in West Ham & Bow for Labour Candidate James Asser

Yesterday and this evening I was out with local residents and Labour Party supporters in West Ham and Beckton, knocking on doors and speaking face to face to people about real local and national issues.

We had Labour Friends of Bangladesh with us also yesterday and we were honoured to be joined by the former High Commissioner to Bangladesh, Anwar Choudhury, who gave a rousing endorsement of James and the Labour Party.

Tomorrow, there will be only 1 more day to stop 14 years of Tory chaos.