Monday, May 11, 2015

London Loop Walk Section 3: "Petts Wood to West Wickham Common"

The General Election is finally over, for good or bad (and I think it is very bad). Yesterday I had my first free Sunday for ages and went off and walked section 3 of the London Loop Walk "Petts Wood to West Wickham".

The weather was warm and mostly sunny. It felt almost but not quiet like a summers day. The first part of the walk was rather built up and suburbia but the last part after Farnborough village was mostly in beautiful and stunning open countryside. Just what my soul needed.

There was great views from the historic site of Wilberforce Oak, where Prime minister William Pitt the Younger and his friend, William Wilberforce, are reputed to have discussed the abolition of the slave trade in 1788.

The walk was supposed to be 9 miles but we got a little lost just after Keston ponds and probably nearer 10 by the end. 

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