Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do you want to help pick the next Labour Leader (and Mayor of London Candidate)? Sign up as an Affiliated Supporter

"To UNISON Members,

Make sure you have your say in selecting Labour's new leader and the Labour candidate for London Mayor.

Sign up now as an Affiliated Supporter of the Labour Party.

Any UNISON member who supports Labour's aims and values is entitled to register and vote.

London Labour will select their candidate for London Mayor in July. The timetable for selection of the Labour leader will be published soon.

UNISON is encouraging all members who are Labour supporters to register.

It's free, quick and easy to do - and you don't have to be a Labour Party member.

To register and find out more go to http://support.labour.org.uk/

UNISON London Labour Link"

(anyone who supports Labour's aims and values can sign up on the link above to be a supporter and vote for a new leader to replace Ed Miliband.  If you live in London you can also vote for the Labour Mayoral candidate. It is free for all UNISON & other affiliated union members and £3 if you are not)

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