Thursday, December 05, 2013

"Licence to Operate. Holding Companies to Account" - LAPFF Conference 2013

Chair of Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) Cllr Kieran Quinn welcoming members to the 18th Annual Conference in Bournemouth this morning. The theme of this years conference is "value for money" and holding asset managers and advisers to account. 

LAPFF is a member organisation of Local Government Pension schemes (LGPS). Its purpose is to promote the investment interests of its funds as well as encourage social responsibility and corporate governance. Collectively it has £115 billion of assets.

Next was an introduction by former Hermes fund manager and joint author of "The New Capitalists" David Pitt-Watson, who is now at the London Business School.  David referred to the changes in Governance that has taken place since The Cadbury Report of 1990.  He called it a "journey not a destination". Companies we own should be doing what we want them to do. At the moment David is writing a new book on Finance.

David made an important final point that it will be no good if you have a good pension but retire in a world that has been destroyed by climate change.

The conference will finish tomorrow lunch time. I'll try and post on as many presentations and speeches as I can.

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