Saturday, December 07, 2013

Licence to operate - Community Responsibilities of Companies LAPFF 2013

Picture of Josh Hardie, Corporate Responsibility Director for UK based supermarket giant Tesco. This is difficult times for Tesco who have recently announced a fall in worldwide sales.

Josh admitted that for 20 years Tesco's was seen as the challenger taking on the establishment. Now they are "the establishment".

There has been a loss of real energy because of this. The sense of bringing modern retail to the masses. The market is also changing. In recent years the number of people has risen from 42% to 53%, who believe, if price and quality is the same, that "Social purpose" is the most important factor in selecting a brand. 

Tesco don't want to say "We're big but..." instead "We are big and ...". They have 3 "Social purpose" campaigns to tackle global obesity; unemployment in young people and food waste. By tackling these issues they obviously believe that they are compiling with their community responsibilities and also promoting their brand.

While I am not sure that this is enough for such a major and powerful company, it is a start I suppose. 

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