Friday, September 20, 2013

AMNT open meeting Thursday 26 Sept - Fees, Charges (& what we can do about them)

The next open meeting of the AMNT is next Thursday 26 September 2013. All member nominated pension trustees and representatives are invited to join the AMNT and attend. Click on this Eventbrite link.

"Getting the best value for money is the theme of your next AMNT members' meeting. Fees, charges (and what we can do about them), responsible investing and trustee training will all be on the agenda. The open meeting takes place at the Pensions Insurance Corporation 14 Cornhill, London EC3V 3ND on Thursday 26th September.

As you know, all trustees should complete the Pensions Regulator's Trustee Toolkit, and even those who have done so may know that the Regulator regularly updates the training. On the morning of 26 September you are invited to join in our Trustee Toolkit Training session, and this time we will be going through the Regulator's e-learning modules on Pension Liberation Fraud, and "DB scheme, solvent employer: wind-up or buy-out". We are allowing lots of time to talk around these issues during the session.

After lunch we will be discussing responsible investing and some of the corporate factors that may have a negative impact on investment returns to our schemes which we as trustees should be looking at.

We will also be reporting back on the Department for Work and Pensions' consultation on governance in defined benefit schemes and their proposals on improving trusteeship in the DC world.

Our recent newsletter asked whether you might be interested in taking the PMI exams - the Award in Pensions Trusteeship – and several members responded.

On the day we hope to be able to go through some of the previous exam questions to give you a flavour of what it involves.

But many of our trustee members place the highest value on being able to meet up with fellow trustees and talk about common issues and problems, and there'll be plenty of time on the day to chat informally. As always, those who don't need to rush off can stay for a drink and have another opportunity to network".

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