Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Changing British attitudes

Interesting - While the changing attitude to NHS is no surprise given increase in waiting times and lack of resources the more positive view on role of state benefits is encouraging. Britain is also on the whole becoming a more tolerant and equal society. Hat tip: http://bit.ly/1eAsQhI


treborc said...

MIliband will be having a night mares then people saying people on benefits are struggling he has not long ago stated labour would clamp down on welfare.

Talking about waiting times two years for a new shower to be fitted it's a wet room, the council came up with a plan to help me, I can use the disability shower at the swimming pool.

Two years and two months ago my wheelchair wheel fell off they sent out a chap to fix it, he said it's broken, yea I know, you need a new wheelchair I'll order it, thanks two years and two months I get a letter saying your new wheelchair will arrive next February, I bought one a year ago because going around on my back side was not very clever.

So the public think I'm not cheating or fiddling sadly fine but tell that to the governments of Tory and Tory Lite.

John Gray said...

Hi Treborc

Of course Ed has never said this in that way.

As this survey indicates the majority of people do not think that most disabled people cheat or fiddle.

There is a problem with cheats and con merchants which we all know about but this should not mean that everyone is tarred with the same brush.

In exactly the same way I don't think that everyone who works in a bank is a fraudster or a cheat.

Accusing the Labour Party of being Tory lite because it is not ideologically pure or perfect is yet another example.