Wednesday, September 11, 2013

#TUC13 Congress: River Island: Sign the Bangladesh safety accord now! "Keep away from fire"

Hat tip to TUC Going to work "We visited River Island in Bournemouth with Bangladeshi garment workers’ union President Amirul Haque Amin. River Island are one of the 8 UK clothing firms still holding out from signing the Fire and Building Safety Accord for Bangladesh, which could save many lives in that country’s hazardous garment industry.


Most UK companies that source clothing in Bangladesh have signed the Accord, which will pay for safety inspections and repairs aimed at stopping disasters like the Rana Plaza building collapse and the Tazreen factory fire.

River Island need to step up to their responsibilities to the people who make our clothes. Nobody’s life is worth as little as a few pence extra on a T-shirt.

Please help us convince River Island and the other 7 UK brands who still won’t sign by sending them an email.


Send an email now


And please also sign our friends’s petition to River Island to face their responsibilities and sign now.


Sign the petition now"


Anonymous said...

"River Island, Matalan, Bench, Bank Fashion, Peacocks, Jane Norman, Republic and Mexx"

These companies must have a reason for not signing? They would not risk bad publicity

John Gray said...

If they have anon they are not saying. Maybe their short term profits are more important than their long term reputations?