Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on One Housing Group Dispute: Referrel to ACAS

Some positive news today about the ongoing union dispute over wage cuts and compensation in One Housing Group. 

After a strongly worded request by the majority union UNISON to management, the 15,000 homes landlord and care provider,  One Housing Group has agreed to talks at ACAS "to try and resolve our current union disputes’ and also attempt ‘to improve our overall trade union relations" (Inside Housing) .

To be fair, Unite members who have been on strike for 11 days in recent months on this issue have asked in the past for the dispute to go to ACAS.

I understand that a meeting will take place soon and I hope that a settlement acceptable to all parties can be hammered out. 

See previous posts on dispute and picket line here and here.

(my picture from a past unrelated meeting looking out from the ACAS London office) 
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