Saturday, June 14, 2014

Newham Council AGM 2014

On 5 June 2014 the formal Newham Council Annual General Meeting took place in the Old Town Hall in Stratford. 

This is the nearest thing we get to a little bit of pomp and circumstance in Newham. The main hall is pretty magnificent and of historic importance to the Labour family movement.

It was in this hall that Keir Hardie was elected the first ever independent Labour Member of Parliament in 1892.  The first ever Labour controlled Council gained power in 1898 in West Ham (West Ham and East Ham Councils merged to form Newham) and the Party has dominated the Council ever since.

On May 22 I was re-elected as a Labour Councillor together with 59 Labour colleagues and Executive Mayor.  Labour Party took 68% of the vote in Newham.

No opposition Councillors were elected which is a humbling sign of the loyalty and support for Labour locally but also a huge responsibility on us to make sure that we do our very best for all residents during what will be a time of vicious government budget cuts.

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