Friday, June 06, 2014

Keep the Faith (with LABOUR)

The ideology of the Tories this country can no longer savour
All I ask is that you keep the faith with LABOUR
It is the ‘ordinary’ people they will always represent
Or perhaps the extraordinary is what I really meant

For the 99% can do so much better not worse
Please read the wise words in the following verse

Labour represents social justice and the plight of others
Stand beside us united as sisters and brothers
Working class people are joining Labour again
Recognising the urgent need for them to be in NO.10

It is obvious the non-labour left are going nowhere
So join us today and show that you truly care

Listen to what Ed Milband has to say
Don’t be influenced by the propaganda of the day
He has integrity is honest and decent, he has a great plan
He understand the needs of every child, woman and man
Labour will do all they can to sort out this mess
Build more houses, reduce tuition fees and save the NHS
They will also scrap bedroom tax and the gagging act
Introduce the 50p and mansion tax, that is a fact

They will be rid of firms like Serco , G4s and ATOS
Target zero hours and employers who don’t give a toss
Join the activists that are determined to fight
For policies that are after all our human right
Labour are the only party that will do it for you

For a left and equitable political and humane view
Ignore the dirty politics the hype and the spin
To not be involved in your own future is surely a sin
Get behind your local labour candidates support their cause
Do whatever you can, to open up those closed doors
Keep the faith, be the change you want to see
Be assured of a better place to live for you and me…

Hat tip ©Suzi@politicalsanity 2014 via Sue Jones on Facebook.
Picture Ed Miliband "Today I met Mark Radley who served on the same ship as my dad during the D-Day landings. He and my dad were only 19 and 20 years old when they set sail for France. We must never forget the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought fascism for democracy during the Second World War:"

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