Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Time is running out: UNISON Service Group Executive Elections - Ballot finishes this Friday 5pm 17 May 2024

These are really important elections. Not just London Local Government. Some seats were not contested so not everyone has received a postal vote (and you can vote via email but don't do both!). If going for postal vote, best to put 1st class stamp on to send off tomorrow morning. 

You can also vote using the link sent to you by email from CES – search your email inbox "CES" to dig it out.

Voting only takes a few seconds, but your work future and the future of the union is in your hands.

The list below is of personal recommendations by myself and others. BTW I have not asked any of these candidates if they want to be on this list! 

Community Service Group:

Northern: Malcolm Gray and Clare Penny-Evans
North west: Joy Ryan

Health Service Group:

Eastern: Ben Matenga
East Midlands: Stuart Hallowes
London: Chris Akaluka, Julie Cunnane, Paula Ward
North West: Iain Mooney and Janice Fennell-Rutherford
Yorkshire & Humberside: Dave Syms, Julie Marsland and Rhian Hawthorn
South West: Alison Evans and Marion Baker
South East: Fatima Kamara
Wales: Dawn Ward and Rhian Edwards

Local Government Service Group:

Eastern: Neil Bland
East Midlands: Richard platt and Clare harwood
London: Sean fox, Sonya howard and Clara Mason
West Midlands: Justin Ashton
Yorkshire and humberside: Kerri Tierney and Joshua Moore
South West: Neil guild and Sharon foster
Wales: Dave Rees and Kim Russell

Higher Education Service Group:

East Midlands: Irvin Hendrickson and Hannah Mee
London: Josie Mangan-Murphy and Sue Parkins

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