Tuesday, June 17, 2014

UNISON National Delegate Conference 2014 #uNDC14

UNISON National Delegate Conference has just started. Picture from early this morning at Brighton beach.

For the first time ever at Brighton, I finally managed to go for a swim in the sea. It was, let me say, rather cold, but you soon got use to it. Must remember to keep my mouth shut when under water mind.  Some folk may suggest this is not the only occasion that I should keep it shut.

I arrived yesterday evening and went straight to the London Regional briefing for delegates and visitors in the Holiday Inn. Conference Standing orders Committee (SOC) took a bit of stick over motions ruled out of order. "SOC bashing" is of course a recognised UNISON sport enjoyed by many.

I am on the platform at front of conference with my National Executive Committee (NEC) colleagues. NEC Bashing" is another traditional conference sport, which which no doubt will be indulged in during the coming days.

First business at conference was the introduction of international guests. Now Maureen  le Marinel is making her Presidential address to conference. Her central message is that when we are united and work together - we can win.

Maureen made a personal, passionate and emotional speech "straight from the heart" as my good comrade Mary Locke sitting next to me said.

Next, conference remembered all those members and Labour movement figures who died in the past 12 months. The first name to appear on the screen behind us was Stuart Barber, London regional organiser who sadly died of an heart attack this year and whose memorial service will take place next month.

I will try and post on NDC as much as I can during conference. In between preparing my speeches and helping my branch delegation. 


Unknown said...

John could you please let me know where and when Stuart's memorial service will be carried out? Thanks

john gray said...

Hi Rachel
It is 2pm tomorrow 11th July 2014 at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London

John Gray said...

sorry its today - Saturday 12 July not 11th