Friday, June 20, 2014

Motion 37: Women and the Housing Crisis #uNDC14

Another speech by Doreen on Wednesday.

"President, Conference, Doreen Davies, Greater London Housing Association branch speaking in favour of motion 37

Conference, I work in a small specialist Black housing association in inner London that temporary houses and supports vulnerable young women. Many suffering from family rejection, addiction problems or fleeing abusive relationships

My association could house 10, 20, 30 times or more the number of young women we currently support. The reality of the housing crisis for many young women is street homelessness.

But Conference, the housing crisis is not just about the massive shortage of housing in many part of this country but also that the access to accommodation that is available is often non existent.

It is unaffordable or badly maintained or insecure. Or all three. Do not forget Conference that the rebirth of the private rental sector has also led to the rebirth of Rachman landlordism in this country. Women in particular are vulnerable to violence, harassment and intimidation. Especailly if they care for children.

Conference, let us build the homes that women need in this country and make sure that all homes whether private or public are decent, secure and affordable. Conference please support this motion".  Motion was passed.

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