Sunday, June 01, 2014

Newham Council Election Count 2014

I hope I haven't left anyone out? But the collage has I think all 21 Labour declarations from Friday 23 May at the Newham Election Count which took place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic VeloPark (20 wards and Mayor). I have some more interesting photos of the day which I hope to set to music on a youtube clip sometime soon.

This was a great day for the Labour Party. We won all 61 elections. You can check out the results here. Many thanks to the Newham Council staff, the Police and the VeloPark workers for all their hard work on the day.


Anonymous said...

If you have a Donkey and gave it a Labour rosette, it would still win an election.

£10k per year for doing nothing. Residents don't have a voice.

Anonymous said...

Mike Law's blog is gone again, something to do with that writ?

Labour trying to shut people up???

John Gray said...

Don't be so LaLa anon. It is not Labour's fault that we have such useless, lazy & nasty opposition in Newham.

Haven't a clue what you mean about a writ?

Big Bad Mikey is rather precious and always closing and opening his blog.

Does anyone really care what he says?