Friday, September 25, 2015

Housing Associations: Don't Give in to Right-to-Buy Sell off Sell out!

Check out Inside Housing on the Governments attempt to bully Housing Associations to agree to a "voluntary" right to buy scheme within the next week. This is wrong on a number of counts. I have posted the comment below in the Inside Housing website on this stupid and desperate proposal.  

If you are a resident of a Housing Association or have any "pull" on its Board then let them know your opposition.

"Divide and Conquer? Don't do it!

This looks like Councils will still be forced to sell off stock to fund the discount (aka election bribe) at the expense of the homeless and the vulnerable. New build will still cost more than money from Right to buy receipts so reducing the total social housing stock even further.

Housing associations are not the property of their Chief Executives or even Chairs of Boards and this matter should be subject to full Board oversight and consultation with residents after due diligence.

This is a sign of desperation by the Government because they know that they not may not be able to get in through the House of Lords as well as facing numerous legal challenges (including adding Housing Association debt to government public debt).

Housing associations should remind themselves of their social purpose and mission.  The crumbs being offered are nowhere near enough. They should stand up to Government bullying.

So don't do it. The sector should work with Councils, trade unions and resident groups to oppose this destruction of Social Housing. Turkeys should not vote for Christmas."

UPDATE: Labour Housing shadow minister John Healey and London Labour Assembly Tom Copley slam the proposals here. While London Councils attack the proposal and the National Housing Federation for betrayal here.

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