Thursday, September 24, 2015

Camden NSL Parking Wardens Strike

This morning I went to Norwich by train to represent a UNISON member at a hearing then came back into London to attend a HR meeting on employment policies and procedures. On route I came across Camden UNISON members who work for the Parking Contractor NSL holding a lobby out side the new Camden Council office in Kings Cross. I went over and spoke to them and offered solidarity on behalf of their fellow UNISON members in my Branch (Greater London Housing Associations)

These parking wardens are out on strike for 7 days for a decent living wage. Check out the Camden UNISON website on the dispute and a largely supportive article in the local Camden newspaper.

I have sent a members enquiry to Newham Council and asked what our privatised Parking Attendents are paid.

NSL is privately owned by AAC Capital Partners. I will do some digging into who invests in them.

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