Friday, October 17, 2014

Red Brick on Lyons Review

Lyons does 90% of the job

For housing development nerds the Lyons Housing Commission report, published today, is a cracking read. Commissioned by the Labour Party, and launched by Ed Miliband, it is a serious review of all the problems and challenges facing the Party if it is to achieve its ambition in Government of building 200,000 homes a year by 2020....(click here)


Anonymous said...

There is no need of building these houses, until the Europe question has been resolved.

In Newham, you have houses taken up my immigrants. What proportion are EU migrants, and if so how many houses would be freed up should Britain leave the UK?

John Gray said...

I think if Britain was to "leave the UK" we would indeed free up a lot of homes.

If Spain and other EU countries were to expell their 2 million Brits - where would they go?