Thursday, October 03, 2019

Newham Housing Special on Community Radio "Revive FM 94.0"

This afternoon I was interviewed live on "Revive FM 94.0" by my radio host colleague, Shaban Mohammed & community activist, Armond Dean, on Newham Council Housing Policies.

It was a really good discussion on the housing crisis in Newham and what we are doing to address it and what we need to do to solve it.
  • Under Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz we are building more Council homes at Council rents in her 4 year term than in the previous 50 years. A 1000 homes. 
  • We have restarted Tenants and Leaseholders representation and participation in Newham 9 years after it was dismantled. Local TRAs will decide on a spend of £1 million a year on local projects. 
  • We now have a named housing officer for every home, block and estate in Newham.
  • We are planning to reopen Housing offices in Newham for vulnerable residents to able to have face to face contact with officers. 
  • We will be spending £120 million in planned improvements on our estates including new roofs, door entry systems, kitchens and bathrooms, improving energy efficiency and designing out crime. 
  • We will reverse the years of under investment in preventing rough sleeping and homelessness. 
However, while this is truly transformational for those 1000 families who will get decent homes, we need the Government to fund us to build 27000 homes for all those on our Council waiting list and in Housing need. 

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