Sunday, October 20, 2019

Epping Forest run/walk, Longhorn cattle & Radicals on Wansted flats

Off message: Gill and I went for a great run/walk in Epping Forest today. We are both out of condition so walked uphill and ran down hill (also slowly) and on level paths. We started off near the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge in Chingford then followed the Epping Forest Holly Trail path. It took us about 45 minutes start to finish.

Epping Forest is lovely at this time of the year (in fact all times of the year!). There is a carpet of leaves in the woods and the trees are turning autumnal brown but there is still a large amount of greenery.

We came across some of the longhorn cows grazing in the Forest. Despite the scary horns and being very large, they are pretty docile. There was a Forest Ranger near them who told us that in a couple of weeks they will all be moved to winter pastures. I asked her when will cattle be reintroduced into Wansted Flats (there used to be roaming cattle near us before BSE - aka "Mad Cow disease") and she just smiled.

I hope to attend the local history talk "On the Edge - Religions and Radicals on Wanstead Flats" on 9 November. Check out

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