Saturday, October 12, 2019

Love your ward & how about "DustyMcDustFace"?

This afternoon as a local ward Councillor, I went to support this event and speak to residents, officers and volunteers. The weather was not kind but everyone seemed very enthusiastic about its aims of encouraging recycling and the "give & take market" as well as practical steps such as litter picking, bulk rubbish collection and garden planting. My wife Gill had been busy clearing weeds from the communal garden.

We hope to attach the "Please Recycle" murals to the outside walls of Brassett and David Lee Point. I had a positive conversation with the artists who were spray painting them about communal art and I hope we can have more of this in our streets and estates. Behind us is blue boarding sectioning off land due to be redeveloped. Maybe we can do something with this boarding rather than leave it to be vandalised?

There was also a competition to give a name to the Newham Council Dust vehicle being used to collect bulk rubbish. All residents were asked to submit a name. I felt that I had to submit my suggestion "DustyMcDustFace". 

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