Sunday, October 06, 2019

Join with us on Local Service Champions Day - Thursday 17 October!


Help us celebrate our local services and the people who deliver them!

Local government workers are true local champions. Working as a team, both on
the frontline and ‘behind the scenes’, they encourage our communities to
thrive and help the most vulnerable in our society.

They often go above and beyond to support people, working under the constant
pressures of unfair funding cuts and rising demands for help. Far too often
their dedication is overlooked.

This year, UNISON is campaigning for local government workers to get the recognition they deserve.

On Thursday 17 October, UNISON activists and local communities will join together to celebrate the unsung heroes working in local government services – our Local Service

This celebration day is part of UNISON’s Local Service Champions campaign.

We want to raise the profile of local government workers and the vital services they deliver.

Our campaign film shows how local government workers are there for us at every stage of our lives, from registering a birth to helping you arrange the burial of a loved one.

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