Saturday, October 12, 2019

Indigenous Resistance Day - Showing Newham solidarity alongside Keir Hardie

Today is #IndigenousResistanceDay remembering the struggle against Colonialism in the Continent of America. (It used to be called "Columbus Day"). After @newhamfabians
event in the historic Old #Stratford town hall we gathered next to bust of avowed anti-colonist #KeirHardie to show solidarity.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...
How lovely that you have a day to show solidarity over this issue.
Perhaps as a priority you should instead make some effort to take your institutional racism a bit more seriously. Labour - the institutionally racist party!
Labour activists are lining up a councillor who was investigated for antisemitism earlier this year to replace Dame Louise Ellman, who quit the party saying Jew-hate was now "mainstream" in the party.
Jo Bird was suspended by Labour after the JC exposed a series of inflammatory speeches she had made which included claims there was a “privileging of racism against Jews” over other forms of discrimination.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Being someone who I believe has posted racist far right views in the past this is just a little rich coming from you! Of course being a cowardly anonymous who really knows.

I totally agree with Keir Starmer yesterday on the Marr show that Labour needs to do far more to enable these Jewish members to return to the Party. However, racist bigots such as you show that all mainstream political parties need to clear out the anti Semites. Labour at least is trying (while not yet succeeding) while the rest of you, should look to yourselves and not just wallow in your racist filth.