Monday, May 15, 2017

#RentersVote for #ToriesOUT

This email I received below is interesting. How angry are people about being so ripped off and what are they going to do about it?
"There are now more renters than people who voted Tory in 2015. In other words the #RentersVote could swing it!

Our recent members poll was decisive. We want:
Rent control, more security, a crack down on disrepair, a ban on tenancy fees, a register of landlords and more social housing!

We want this Government, that has failed us so badly, out. We want June to be the end of May. We want the #ToriesOUT!

Now, with a month to go, it is vital we all help! John, here's your action plan:

1. Register to vote by 22nd May!

If you havent yet, DO IT NOW. It takes 3 mins. You just need your National Insurance number.


2. Fill in the Government Consultation on banning tenancy fees!

Its vital that whoever forms the new Government, they follow through on this promise. Our partners at Generation Rent have made this easy template emailer - use it now and back it up by tweeting #keysnotfees!


3. Check out our new #RentersVote website.

We're working together with Generation Rent and local renters groups to build the #RentersVote and push the parties on our demands. Sign up now to help register more voters and host your events like housing hustings or voter registration sessions.


Let me be clear. There are enough renters to get the #ToriesOUT and we know younger people (the bulk of renters) want it to happen. But 90% of property owners are registered to vote compared to just 63% of renters.

We have to register ourselves - and our friends - fast.

#RentersVote - let's go!

Stuart and the team,
ACORN #RentersVote

ACORN & the #RentersRising campaign relies on 100's of awesome monthly donors for funding - please join them! Start A Donation

Or get involved: Join A Volunteer Team

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