Friday, May 26, 2017

Chuka Umunna Streatham PPC at UNISON Labour Link Mobilising Black Members Event

Picture collage from event on Monday evening with Streatham Labour PPC, Chuka Umunna, guest speaker to a mobilisation event in our national HQ of black members sponsored by UNISON Greater London Labour Link. I was there as Chair of that committee.

The aim was to encourage members to volunteer to campaign for Labour in the General Election. The event was run by my ace London Regional Council Officer colleague, Liz Baptiste. Other speakers included our Assistant General Secretary, Liz Snapes, Acting London Regional secretary Stephanie Thomas, London Labour Link committee member James Beckles and National officer for Race Equality, Margaret Geer. 

Chuka gave an excellent speech on why we all must support the Labour Party which was warmly received. He is bright, articulate and has the gift of powerful persuasion. 

It was a bit of a speech fest with Stephanie, Liz, Liz, James and Margaret making the case for Labour and for becoming active in the campaign and making it clear that there was an alternative choice in British politics. 

The best (and only way) to progress equality for all is if we all vote to elect a Labour Government on June 8. 

Nearly all of the UNISON members and their guests present filled out a form to volunteer for Labour in the General election. Result!

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