Tuesday, May 16, 2017

School uniform grants for UNISON members - up to £120 (£40 per child)

I am so proud that UNISON has its own Charity fund for members on low income or facing financial or other hardship. Working class trade unionists banding together to help each over in times of difficulty or crisis is pretty much what we should be all about.

The thought of kids being embarrassed or mocked because their parents cannot afford school uniforms makes me furious.

"UNISON There for You: School Uniform Grant 2017

If you have children in full time education, you may be eligible to receive a school uniform grant from UNISON’s charity There for You. To be considered, you must either be:

In receipt of Housing Benefit; or

Your net annual income is £18,000 or below 

[Note: We ignore the following income Child benefit, any childcare element included as part of your working tax credits, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payment].

Also, you will need to have paid a minimum 4 weeks membership subscriptions before 22nd May 2017

To take advantage of this grant please complete the forms below and return to us with all the supporting documentation requested. We’ve also included a Q&A setting out the full conditions and eligibility criteria which should answer any questions that you have.

Please note the closing date is 21st July.

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