Saturday, May 06, 2017

Can you help fund West Ham's General Election campaign?

Dear John

In less than five weeks time, on 8 June, we will be casting our votes in the General Election.

I know I don’t need to tell you all how important this election is. A victory for Labour will rock Theresa May and the Tories to the core.

That is why I am asking you to make a special effort over the next five weeks. I am asking that you help to double our activity and give me any time that you have to campaign with me locally and in the marginal constituencies of Westminster North and Ilford North, knocking on doors, leafleting and attending events so I can meet voters face to face.

We will need help both in West Ham and other constituencies on polling day. I would be very grateful if you were able to take time off work or other responsibilities to join me on Polling Day to get out our vote.  Any other Labour supporting friends are welcome too, the more the merrier.

If you can join us please email to let me know.

Sadly, elections are expensive, and we only fought a General Election two scant years ago.  We need funds to help us win.  Many thanks if you have already made donations to the national party, however, I would be so very grateful if you are able to donate even a small amount to help fund the West Ham Campaign for the cost of leaflets, badges, telephone calls, balloons and everything else that goes into a Labour campaign. Every penny will be spent campaigning.

*You can donate by either:*
  •  by cheque made payable to West Ham CLP and sent to John Gray, Election Agent, West Ham CLP, 306 High Street, Stratford, London, E15 1AJ
Thank you for all that you do for Labour and to help make this society of ours for a fairer, kinder place to live.

Best wishes

Lyn Brown
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for West Ham Constituency

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