Tuesday, January 15, 2013

amazon tax thieves cost jobs

The lesson for today is that corporate thieves such as amazon.con evades taxes, mugs hospitals, schools and the elderly:  while Jessops pays its tax, becomes uncompetitive and goes into administration.

So - don't shop with the amazon, you enrich their bosses, who treat us all with contempt, while they steal our money. 


Robert said...

Sorry but I went to this out fit to buy a new camera, they wanted £225 I went to Curries and it was £200 I went to Tesco and it was £190.

I ended up on EBAY and bought it for £100

The market place means that going on line to buy items means unless your in the market and your able to compete then your out.

I bought a cable from Amazon for my camera it was a mini connector in Jessops and ASDA TESCO Currys the cheapest was £25 I bought it on Amazon for and this is no joke £2.99 with postage and it arrived it was the same.

The fact is we have been going on about taxation for years labour or the Tories did not want to know, even to day it easier to hit the sick and the disabled then it is to stop tax avoidance, you even have MP's flipping homes or having off shore accounts.

I will buy from the cheapest out let if that Amazon then so be it, Jessops closed because like HMV it was out dated.

John Gray said...

Hi Robert

But what if one of the reasons that Jessops closed is that it wasn't a tax cheat like amazon?

If they offered retail services would you buy them from Atos?

Anonymous said...

Shops are being hit hard by the recession, Internet, parking charges, high shop rents and business rates. People don't need cameras, as their phone can do everything.

John, may be now you will take back what you said about Phillip Green. He saved BHS! Let him have a go and save Jessops.

BTW, did n't you buy stuff from Amazon? (electric toothbrush?). I remember this, because I know you have a brown tongue from all a*** l****g you do.

John Gray said...

Dear Potty mouth anon

The issue is whether companies who evade taxes and sponge off the state have an unfair advantage in the market place compare to those who pay their fair share?

Yep, I use to buy off Amazon.con but now I don't. They are not only tax thieves but they also rip their customers off.

Thank you as always for being such a longstanding reader of this blog :)

Robert said...

Yes we all know that shops which do not pay taxes are of course cheating the system, but of course they have been cheating the system for years legally, tax avoidance is of course legal.

But of course the internet is going to be massive as we change from walking to town or driving to town when we can actually buy the stuff we need cheaper for now from the email we send.

Again I went to town and I will need to spell Curry's better, to buy a new TV mine lasted fifteen years but gave out, Tesco had it for £299 Currys was £340 and on the internet it was £199 it said it would be delivered in two days, I thought ok give it ago, it arrived the next day.

My wife cooker thirteen years went a month before Christmas down to the local shop yes sir buy it from us it will be delivered next week, promise faithfully, I said it has to for our Xmas dinner, Sir it will arrive on Wednesday no problem, it came last week.

So far I'm not sure whether it's luck what I've bought from the internet has arrived on time as promised , if local shops cannot keep a promise then people will turn to other ways of buying. Jessops was over priced and did not keep up with times.

people will always buy from the best priced like it or not, people do not care if Joe Blogs is employed so long as what they get is cheap delivered on time.

The world is changing

Anonymous said...

Robert, shops have to pay rents, they have to pay sales staff and for warehousing. Whilst web sites, have lower overheads and only need to pay rent for warehousing. Their business rates are lower too.

However, once shops go, there will be no where you can touch goods and compare with others....

John Gray said...

Hi Robert

You haven't answered my question about buying from Atos?

The issue is every company should have a level playing field when it comes to taxes. If companies don't play fairly then they should be penalised.

Agree anon we will still need shops. Probably different ones than now.