Thursday, October 11, 2012

UNISON wins recognition ballot at First Wessex - 80% in favour of voluntary recognition agreement

Good news and well done to South East Region and First Wessex UNISON reps Tara Imber, Vicky Higgins, Wendy Lamont and Stuart Mills (See photo with Wendy and Stuart). Check out report here.

"UNISON national officer for the community and voluntary sector Simon Watson commented: "In recent years, a number of housing associations have misguidedly stopped talking to trade unions.

"This result shows that, when staff get the chance to talk to UNISON reps, they realise we are essential for defending the interests of housing workers."

I would agree with Simon and frankly I am amazed that any Housing Association or Voluntary organisation chooses not to recognise trade unions.

Saying they allow union reps to represent their members at individual formal meetings is not enough. This is an anti-trade union attitude and practice.

Not only are unions good for staff but they are also good for good employers. Only bad employers who have something to hide don't welcome trade unions.

I know for a fact that many Councillors (not only Labour) will privately refuse to have anything to do with organisations that do not recognise trade unions. Either as preferred partners or commissioners.
If an organisation doesn't recognise trade unions and denies workers their basic human rights to bargain with their employer then there is something fundamentally wrong with that organisation.

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