Friday, October 19, 2012

George Galloway and the Secret Policeman

Shock, Horror: George Galloway MP has been exposed for hiring as his personal Parliamentary Assistant, the wife of one of Scotland Yard's most senior Counter-terrorist Police Officers, Afiz Khan, who is a Detective Inspector with the elite SO15.

Galloway even gave his PA, Aisha Ali-Khan, the keys to his own London home. Apparently the happy couple had marital relations (or was that "carnal knowledge"?) in his home.

Despite declaring her relationship with DI Khan, Aisha has now been suspended by George who is planning to dismiss her. She apparently thinks that this is due to "Some men in Respect hated the fact that she was a non-hijab-wearing Muslim woman, she says. "The atmosphere around Respect was so hostile to women. I was seen as an outspoken, opinionated woman who had ideas, who made things happen, who organised events and the guys didn't like it at all."

She further complains she is being made out to be a tart "sleeping with random police officers".

Respect hostile to women??? Surely not! Especially since its one and only MP, the Gorgeous One, has such a progressive attitude to rape and abortion? Don't mention "window lickers" either.

Picture is one of George being caught out doing one of his many moonlighting jobs while pretending to be an MP. Is this another Guy Burgess? I think we should be told the truth about him and his Secret Policeman family.

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John Gray said...

Sorry anon July 2013 23:46 but I can't publish this comment for what should be fairly obvious reasons.

Please make at least some attempt to back up your allegations.

Come on, it is just silly to slag people off without any objective justification.