Monday, October 15, 2012

National Union Railworkers: West Ham Branch 1919

This is a great picture of the National Union of Railwaymen West Ham Branch strike committee
from 1919.

I wonder where it was taken and what the strike was over?  They appear to be wearing some sort of a


Hat tip Hayes Peoples History.

Update: Mike from HPH has emailed me to say that the picture is originally from The Newham Story.

He thinks that the rosettes had union badges in the centre, points out the man with the union sash and the marvellous motto on the banner "Comrades, Courage and Forward"

" Strike Committee

National Railway Strike, 1919. This is the Stratford District Central Strike Committe Executive of the National Union of Railwaymen.

Back Row: G. Blazeby, West Ham, Banner Captain; H. Bambridge, West Ham; W.G. Jupp, Stratford No.2; J. Miller, Forest Gate; C. Webster Stratford No. 2; J. Little, Stratford No.2; C.G. Collins, West Ham; J.L. Burchell, Forest Gate; G.A. Carter, Stratford No.2, Picket Captain.

Middle Row: C.J. Mann, Forest Gate; W.J. Roberts, Stratford No.2; Syd. Williams, West Ham, Secretary; A. Kelly, Stratford No.2, Chairman; Councillor Tom Kirk, West Ham, Organiser; F.C. Westfield, Stratford No. 2; R. Moore, Stratford No.2.

Front Row: P.A. Woods, Forest Gate, F.E. Mansfield, Stratford No.2; A Wright, West Ham; G. Bramley, Forest Gate."


Anonymous said...


1919 Transport Strikes

The second national Railwaymen’s strike took place at midnight on the 26th September 1919 primarily over the issue consolidation of war bonuses of 33 shillings. The strike being settled with the intervention of Downing Street on the 5th October 1919


John Gray said...

Cheers Mike

Anonymous said...

Whats the biblical quote

would be great to know ??? can you find out John

Comrades, courage and Forward

John Gray said...

I'll see if I can anon. I've googled Councillor Tom Kirk west ham (middle row) and found an interesting quote by him on socialism in google books "Labour Inside the Gate". Have a look.

Anonymous said...

Syd Williams, middle row in photo -I believe is my grandfather's brother 1884-1972.
I would love to find out more about this group. If it is my Syd he was a railway telegrapher, in 1911 described as a railway linesman. Born Forest Gate and always lived in the area. Never married.
Another brother was William Henry (Bill) Williams in 1920s secretary of the Railway Telegraph Engineering Com. Again remained unmarried.
My own grandfather was also a telegraphist - with the Post Office in Kimberley during Boer War and later on ships. Grandad wrote many letters to the press about political/social situations. They were quite a family - a hot bed of discussion.

John Gray said...


How about posting the information and your request on below?

I will look out for more information. Not sure what to do?