Thursday, October 18, 2012

Starbucks: UK Tax Cheats and State Benefit Spongers

I think that this picture sums up the disgust people have with thieving companies such as Starbucks who in the past 3 years have paid NOTHING in UK Corporation tax dispite £398 million tunrover when at the same time high Street rival Costa paid £15 million on similar sales.

Now Costa is not a perfect model of corporate governance but at least they do not blatantly cheat the government out of taxes or sponge
off the state.

I would love to know what Starbucks pay their staff because I bet that if any of their junior staff had a child, the state will have to top up their wages in family credit to keep them out of desperate poverty.

Not only does Starbuck rely on us mugs to pay for the services such as Police and Fire Brigade that allow them to run a business but they also fleece us by paying such rubbish wages to staff that families cannot survive without top ups paid largely by basic rate taxpayers.

Starbucks is not alone, Facebook and Amazon are also tax cheats and spongers from UK pensioners, schools and hospitals.

I've just had a quick look at the deeply unpleasant Tax Evaders alliance website to see if there is any "outrage" at this rip off of UK taxpayers but there is of course nothing. Their puppet masters have obviously told them to keep stum.

We desperately need a different way to run this country.

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