Tuesday, February 11, 2020

"Speaking for the many in London" Vote Murad Qureshi for GLA List

I have just voted online for Murad Qureshi "1" to be one of our future London Labour Assembly members after the elections in May.

Murad is being supported by Greater London UNISON Labour Link (and he is a former member of my UNISON branch) and a wide range of other affiliates and leading Labour movement figures. In fact, I don't think I have seen such a spread of support in any recent internal Labour election. Have a look at all his endorsements.

All London Labour Party members (128,000 of us I believe) should have got an email from CES takepart@cesvotes.com last week. I got mine on 5/2/20 at 14.12. Check your junk folders but if you did not receive anything contact londonassembly@labour.org.uk.

It took me about 3 minutes to vote (and if you can find that email you don't need to know your ballot numbers or stuff like that. Click on link in email and you go straight to the vote)

Ballot finishes on 12 noon on Wednesday 19 February 2020.


Anonymous said...

Murad should have been the GLA representative for East London. It is a shame Unmesh Desai was chosen. I am struggling why Labour supporters in Tower Hamlets chose him, as he had voted to expand London City Aiport.

Murad did work to support residents impacted by London City Airport when he was part of the Environment. It is a shame he was been dumped in the political wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Another career politician... he won't get my vote. Mediocrity at best.

John Gray said...

anonymous cat fight. all very silly. is there any reason why you cannot use your real names?