Thursday, February 06, 2020

Ricky Tomlinson slams 'Boris the buffoon' as he backs Keir Starmer for Labour leader

"Scouse legend Ricky Tomlinson has slammed 'Boris the buffoon' as he throws his weight behind Sir Keir Starmer in the Labour leadership battle.
The Royle Family star has endorsed the Shadow Brexit Secretary as he bids to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader following the party's major election defeat.
Ricky, who also starred in Brookside and comedy film Mike Bassett: England Manager, was jailed with others during the 1970s for his part in a building workers' strike at the Shrewsbury pickets.
For decades, the Shrewsbury 24 campaign has fought to clear the strikers’ names.
Since becoming an MP, Sir Keir has worked with Ricky and the Shrewsbury 24 in their fight for justice - and has now won the actor and activist’s backing.
“All the contestants are worthy people - but I’ve got to throw my weight behind Keir Starmer - and I’m going to ask you to do the same.
“We can’t make any more mistakes. We just took a terrible drubbing at the last election. We’ve got to overturn this government run by Boris the buffoon.
“So get behind me, join me, and get behind Keir Starmer for the next leader of the Labour Party.”
REMINDER of West Ham CLP’s All Members’ Meeting and candidate statements
 When: 1.00pm Saturday 08 February 2020
 Where: Impression Events Venue, Milner Rd, London E15 3AD
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Anonymous said...

Its really important that as many luvvies as possible back Labour, particularly now Maureen Lipman has abandoned Labour over its inability to tackle anti Semitism. Boris the buffoon with his thumping great majority and positive message appeals to many former working class Labour voters, and the more luvvies you can accumulate the better. Lily Allan, Hugh Grant, Stormzy… what an incredible line up.

John Gray said...

Strange to think of Ricky as a luvvie? Takes all sorts I supposed?