Friday, February 28, 2020

UNISON Community Seminar/Conference 2020

Today is the start of the UNISON annual seminar and conference for Housing Associations & Voluntary Sector (called the Community Service Group)

This is taking place in the magnificent Cardiff City Hall. There was an early morning meeting of the service group executive to agree last minute conference business.

At midday there was separate sector meetings for Housing Association, Community & Voluntary and Major Charities members.

I was at the Housing Associations meetings with members from all over the UK and from large and small employers. It was good to hear of the many victories and successes we have achieved as well as the many problems we face. Following the Tory General election victory as trade unionists we are going to face a very, very difficult 4/5 years but we are not defenceless and will fight back and win battles for our members.

The seminar started at 2.30 pm and was opened by our Chair, Malcolm Gray (long lost cousin) followed by a speech and Q&A by Assistant General Secretary, Christina McAnea who spoke strongly in support of our Addaction members on strike in Wigan and the personal reasons why she feels so passionate about supporting these workers.

Next, Renny Wodynska, from Skills For Social Care, who showed how highly skilled and low paid our care workers are.

Final speaker is Gavin Edwards, National Senior Officer on the UNISON, Social Care Project, which many local authorities up and down the country will be hearing about very soon.

We will be holding a London Regional meeting at close of today’s business and hope to be going for a delegation meal. Tomorrow starts with workshops at 9am. I will be going to the one on Pensions (surprise, surprise)

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