Monday, February 03, 2020

1917 - A film review

Excellent film and glad I saw it yesterday evening in the Stratford East Picturehouse and not waited until on TV/Netflix. Pretty shocking and graphic (not eating any cheese tonight). Not glorifying war in the slightest.

Story line a little unbelievable but in war people did do incredible things against all odds. Some of the dialogue between the "tommies" was just a little Mary Poppins but that is probably me being a little over critical.

Nice to see recognition that Black and Asian soldiers also fought in this war.

My Mum's Dad, Fred Matthews fought in the trenches 1915-1918 and won a MC in 1917. Watching the film made me once again be grateful that my generation has never faced total war. 

Controversially, I wish this film had been made and shown on eve of Brexit vote in 2016. I am the first Gray/Matthews male in 100 years who Germans have not tried to kill (so far)


Anonymous said...

Very Woke of you John.. right on.

John Gray said...

Very Woke?