Monday, February 24, 2020

United, we are unstoppable | Keir Starmer for Leader of the Labour Party (and Angela Rayner for Deputy Leader)

Ballot starts today but I have not received anything yet except this email below from the Party. Will post next in support of Angela.

Dear John,

The ballot for the Leadership and Deputy Leadership elections as well as the NEC elections and Scottish Deputy election opens today. Here are some things you need to know:

Don't panic if you don't receive your ballot today. This is a huge election and it will take most of this week for everyone to receive their ballot.

If you have an individual email address on the system you will receive your ballot electronically. Only those who don't have an individual email address on the system will receive a ballot pack in the post.

Electronic ballots will come from, with the subject line The Labour Party – Election of Labour Leader and Deputy Leader 2020.

If you think you have not received your ballot please make sure you add the email address above to your 'trusted sender' list and check your junk mail before getting in touch with us.

Ballot reissue requests open on Monday 2 March. Please do not contact us to request a reissue before this date as we will not be able to help.

Once you have received your ballot you will only be able to vote once. You will not be able to change your mind subsequently.

You can find further information on our FAQs page. We expect our phone lines and inboxes to be exceptionally busy over the next few days so please bear with us if we are unable to answer your query immediately.


Team Labour


Anonymous said...

Starmer should win because the other candidates are clearly not that bright.

John Gray said...

Of course they are not. Don’t be so ignorant

Anonymous said...

Angela Rayner left school at 16 and doesn't have any qualifications???

John Gray said...

So? lots of people have had a rubbish education. That doesn't make her thick but does show you up as an ignorant bigot.

John Gray said...

The haters are back and will be deleted. Please seek medical advice on your problems and not spam this site.