Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Murad for the London Assembly

(Murad is a former member of my branch and being supported by Greater London UNISON Labour Link)

"Boris Johnson 's government is pursuing a divisive and reactionary agenda across the board.

We must stand shoulder to shoulder with all those communities, trade unions, migrants and others resisting the Tory attacks.

Now is the time to unite our party, take the fight to the Tories, get Sadiq Khan re-elected and secure a London for the many, not the few.

Having served as an Assembly Member (AM) until 2016, I want to get back into City Hall to stand up for Londoners.

As an experienced campaigner, I have a proven track record of working against austerity and privatisation. Working with Trade Unions and local Labour Groups I helped save fire stations from austerity cuts and post offices from closure.

I believe Labour must continue to oppose cuts and support investment in our future, including through extending public ownership and a green new deal.

As Jeremy Corbyn’s successor as Chair of the Stop the War Coalition, I have been at the forefront of the anti-Trump marches.

We will continue these protests every time he comes to our shores and oppose his attacks on our Mayor.

We must continue to stand up to hate and for unity, not division.

I also want to continue working with all the campaigns l have been involved with on tackling the climate emergency - against expansion of airports in London like Heathrow and City Airport, for improvements in air quality and reductions in noise pollution.

As the inspirational student climate strikers showed us, we need a politics that puts people and planet - not private profit - first.

I'd like to thank all the CLPs who nominated me and everyone who has supported my campaign so far, including the CWU and UNISON Labour Link Greater London regions, London Labour Left, Socialist Health Association, plus MPs Andy Slaughter, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott & Council Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham, Cllr Stephen Cowan.

A better world is possible. Please give me your support.


“As AM, Murad worked tirelessly to fight Mayor Johnson’s proposed cuts to police and fire stations. Indeed the team at North Ken fire station, the first team to the Grenfell Tower fire over two years ago, have acknowledged that he was probably instrumental in saving their station.

Murad has the rare qualities of understanding issues and problems from all quarters of our unequal society with empathy and kindness, while being able to grasp complex issues and how best to lobby, argue and petition the appropriate people at the right time.

I have no hesitation for endorsing Murad as a GLA candidate”
Emma Dent Coad of Kensington


Anonymous said...

Glad he mentioned London City Airport!!!

He does n't live in Newham, yet has mentioned us!

Good on him.

John Gray said...

He will make a good London assembly member (again)