Thursday, February 20, 2020

Safe, Decent and Affordable Homes for All: UNISON’s vision for Housing

UNISON has launched a Housing manifesto. Over 1 million people are waiting on the housing list in England alone. While only 6500 social rented homes were built in 2017/18.

Do the maths.

60% of the housing budget goes on supporting home ownership (and massive profits by house builders).

In Newham 48% of families live in poverty after their housing costs are taken into account.

UNISON is calling for:
  • a national house-building programme to construct 340,000 new homes a year, including 150,000 for social rent;
  • a new definition of affordable housing, linked to people’s incomes rather than market rents;
  • an end to the loss of social rented homes through schemes such as right to buy, which has already been ended in Scotland and Wales;
  • welfare reforms so families are properly supported to meet their housing costs;
  • a system which ensures no loss of social housing in regeneration schemes;
  • a new ‘consumer regime’ in housing to raise standards and make homes safe, post Grenfell;
  • affordable and stable private rents, permanent tenancies and an end to no-fault evictions;
  • investment in the housing workforce to deliver a well-funded and resourced housing service.

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