Friday, July 07, 2017

The Future of the NHS - Composite B #LabLink17

This is the speech from yesterday's debate at UNISON Labour Link Forum on "The Future of the NHS". 

Mitsy is a a care worker, NHS nurse, branch, regional and national UNISON activist. 
"Chair, Forum, Mitsy Harmon-Russell, Greater London region, supporting  Composite B.  

This motion highlights that the "Sustainability and Transformation Plans" (STPs) are being pushed forward within the NHS England as a way of improving services and outcomes.

As stated,  any improvements within the NHS are welcome, however STPs, as the motion states, has not been inclusive or transparent.

At our local meeting in East London, a visiting GP reported that this process was being pushed forward without any system being in place for those who are affected to raise objections

The fall out continue to be reported, as early this week, the nursing & midwifery council reported that the strain on the NHS continues to affect its staff. 

A comparison of the last 6 months with last year, shows that double the numbers of nurses had left the NHS this year than the whole of last  year.

We call on the Labour link to action the points listed in this motion and continue to support us in highlighting  issues with STPs, which are not in the best interest of those using and working in the NHS.  

Please support this motion.

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