Saturday, July 15, 2017

ShareAction Summer thank you 2017

Picture collage from Thursday evening "thank you event" in Brick Lane, East London for supporters of ShareAction - a campaigning body "to make investment a force for the good". 

It was great to meet so many people concerned about the power and impact of our collective investments. I met for the first time their CEO Catherine Howarth's children and her wonderful Mum!

I also had a chat with the Red City of London, Peter Kenyon; was lectured at by a pompous Green, entertained by Henry Tapper; spoke to two authors on Pension Governance and was really pleased to see that "Professional Pensions" won the "award" for "Strongest Coverage" of Responsible Investment. Well done to Stephanie and Jonathan.

As was mentioned at the event, the really exciting thing is that ShareAction are winning the argument...

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