Saturday, July 08, 2017

Ditchling Beacon Walk June 2017

Off message but this was a great recovery walk that Gill and I did after the UNISON NDC conference in Brighton last month.

The National Trust car park at Ditchling Beacon is pretty small so either get there early or be patient. There is no cash car parking machine and you have to pay for a space (once you find one) on line with a credit card, so be prepared. It is a bit of a pain but not that difficult.

The walk itself is wonderful. A fantastic feeling of  isolation, big skies and fabulous views on this walk.

Who says we live in an overcrowded country?

It is sad and poignant that that Ditchling Beacon itself was donated to the National Trust in memory of the 21 year old son of the landowners, who was killed in action while serving in the RAF during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

But what a wonderful gift to the nation and memorial for their boy. 

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