Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Medical Aid for Greece - Garden Fundraiser Saturday July 29th 5pm

"What a strange device man is: you fill him with wine, fish and radishes and out come sighs, laughter and dreams"! (Nikos Kazantzakis)

Let us see what comes out when we fill a bunch of nice, caring and interesting people with all kinds of drinks and home cooked kebabs, dolmades, pastitsio, mediterranean salads and dips, ravani and what you prepared by Vicky, Vivianne, Emine (and her mum) and Isidoros.

Friends and fellow travellers,

It is this time of the year again and I promise you ... my garden will be ready on time.

All in a good cause. The Solidarity Clinics movement in Greece need as much as ever our little (but important, if for nothing else, as a demonstration of international solidarity) contribution. Every single penny we raise goes directly to buying medicines, vaccines and basic medical equipment for the community run solidarity clinics and pharmacies helping those who have no access to adequate medical facilities, including thousands of refugees. Not a penny goes to admin, expenses or anything else.

Please let me know how many tickets you want (or see booking details below).

81 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4EH

 You can book your tickets by emailingPayment by cheque in post or by Bank transfer.  We will tell people the exact address when they have booked.

Medical Aid for Greece

Garden Fundraiser
Saturday July 29th 5pm
Stroud Green/Finsbury Park
BBQ, kebabs, salads, home-made dips and side dishes and choice of vegetarian dishes
Tickets £20 waged £10 unwaged
Book your tickets NOW!

Cheques to ‘Medical Aid for Greece’ to Greece Solidarity Campaign, Housman’s Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX. Pay direct: to Medical Aid for Greece A/C 20307259  Sort Code 60-83-01

(I have a clash which is a shame since this will be a terrific event)

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