Wednesday, July 19, 2017

UNISON "There for You" appeal (collective self help for workers by workers)

Show your support for UNISON There for You by doing something magnificent today!

I am delighted to attach our review for 2016 illustrating just how, There for You, UNISON's own charity, helped members and what we achieved. 
Many of those members who needed our help recounted stories of how they have struggled to provide for their family and pay for the most basic items.  For others the situation was much worse with worries about how they would pay their rent, mortgage or repay their debts. 
In these unprecedented times, our work is vital and for this reason I am writing to all branches to ask if you would consider making a donation so that we can meet this increasing need for our services.  Your donation could make all the difference. 
Ø      £104 would pay for a year's prescription charges ensuring access to essential medication
Ø      £120 could help pay towards school uniforms for 3 children
Ø      £150 would ensure that someone in need of emergency help could put food on the table
Ø      £200 would buy a washing machine for someone who is disabled
Ø      £800 could help with moving costs or essential household items after someone has lost their home or in the case of domestic abuse.
Ø      £1000 could pay for short-term assistance including a break away to improve health and wellbeing.
Ø      A regular donation or, subscribing to the Lottery would enable us to deliver meaningful support to even more members for a number of years. 
If your branch has recently made a donation or joined the lottery please accept my thanks.  If your branch has not made a donation please consider There for You - the charity that is exclusively for UNISON members and their dependants
The review itself is a wonderful way of telling members about the help that is available and, a positive message that can be shared as part of your recruitment activities.  It also sets out details of our plans for 2017 which, includes re-launching the lottery - something we hope all branches will subscribe to.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
Maureen Le Marinel
Maureen Le Marinel, NEC
Chair, Board of Trustees

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