Sunday, July 09, 2017

‘The Future of the NHS" - Seconding Composite B #LabLink!7

This is the speech by London Ambulance Service Paramedic, Jason Anderson, at Labour Link National Forum last week. 

"Firstly I would like to say Happy 69th Birthday to the NHS – ‘Labour's Proudest Achievement’.

I am a front-line Paramedic, and like my colleagues around the country continue to provide emergency services while facing dire financial states. 

With poor staff retention and working conditions, and still no sign of a fair pay deal.

I and colleagues were on the front line on the days of the attacks in London. Dealing with horrific injuries, in chaotic and horrifying scenes.

We continue to be stuck with an under inflation or zero pay cap, for 7 years in a row.

Recent major events in London and Manchester have highlighted the hypocrisy of the Government. Theresa May,  shaking hands with emergency service workers, thanking them for their heroic work, yet at the same time refusing to lift the 1% pay cap and therefore cutting our pay, year in, year out.

The Government is continuing to push budget cuts in our emergency services, causing cuts to training for staff and cuts in equipment. Causing strain to provide emergency cover when attending Major incidents as well as routine daily operational calls.

As the Motion states we need;

A properly funded, publicly owned NHS, right for purpose, so that myself and colleagues around the country can continue to deliver the services the patients and public deserve.

Please support this Motion".

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