Saturday, October 24, 2015

The West Ham 3 Johns at work - Punk John, Chic John and ? John

Busy Saturday. First, was Councillor Surgery at Brasset Point Tenants & Residents Room (had a tricky planning "Stop Notice" issue); then memorial tribute to PC Nina MacKay followed by ward "walkabout" in Dirleton Road E15 with concerned residents (and they have every right to be concerned about issues we came across).

In the afternoon I went to help out at West Ham Labour Party HQ in High Street, Stratford. Following a roof repair and leaking water tank problem we have an enormous amount of wood, chipboard, trunking, broken furniture and other debris to clear up and prepare for removal tomorrow.

My comrades John Whitworth and John Saunders (left and right) were recently described by "The Guardian" fashion page as "Punk Corbynistas" and "Chic Corbynistas". I wonder what they would have made of me and my Philosophy Football "The cuts won't work" tee shirt? It was hard work but fun smashing up planks of wood so they will fit into the van.

In the right of picture you can see the 100 boxes of "Sadiq Khan for Mayor of London leaflets" for West Ham CLP. We picked up the leaflets for West Ham and Custom House wards. If you can help deliver these leaflets in your local ward then contact your branch secretary.

Hat tip photo Rokhsana.

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