Friday, October 23, 2015

Remember to put your clocks back this weekend?

Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend! In accordance to Government edict at 02:00 on Sunday you should turn all your clocks back to 25 October 1865 to reflect the society they want to create. 

Please note that in accordance with this edict the following traditional Tory measures will be introduced (if they can get away with it) :-
  • All NHS hospitals will be immediately closed and replaced with fee paying and whatever charities may provide 
  • All state schools to be shut.  Your children will have to work in farms, mines and factories to pay their way. There may be some free elementary church or "ragged schools"
  • Most of your children will anyway die of disease or hunger before they become adults. A million people died in Ireland from famine between 1845 and 1852
  • If you are unemployed, sick or old (there will be no old age pension) then the only assistance you will get is in the workhouse concentration camps, where if you are in anyway able-bodied you will have to break rocks or go on the treadmill to get any food
  • You and your family would otherwise live in a room in a private rented slum with no security, no direct sanitary arrangements or fresh water supply
  • At work you will have little or no employment rights, health and safety or protection.  Trade unions are to be criminalised. You would work 12 hour days, 6 days a week, with little or no holiday
  • Life expectancy for a UK male born in 1865 was 38.4 years. 
This direction of travel is what the current extremist, hard right, Conservative Government wants.

If you don't want our country to descend to this then join a trade union and join the Labour Party.

Hat tip photo @neilroytaylor1

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