Friday, July 10, 2015

Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary and "Repeat please!"

Today is the anniversary of the start of "The Battle of Britain".  A flypast of RAF Second World War and modern war planes took place over Buckingham Place.  Six surviving pilots joined the Queen for the display and her fellow war veteran husband, 94 year old Prince Philip, said a rude word about a photographer.  

Some 3000 aircrew fought for Britain's survival during the Battle, 20% were from the British Dominions and occupied European or neutral countries; 544 RAF Fighter Command pilots were killed and 2,500 German Luftwaffe aircrew were killed.

This clip from the film, Battle of Britain, is one of my favourites long before Polish plumbers became a political issue. Lest we forget those who fought and died for us in our long hours of need.

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