Wednesday, March 04, 2015

"the only choice for our members will be between a uber right wing Tory or a Labour Government..."

This is from my Labour Link Officer submission to the UNISON Housing Association Branch Annual Report 2014.

"On May 7 2015 the only choice for our members will be between a uber right wing Tory Government or a Labour Government.

If a Tory government is returned then I believe we will see the Housing Associations becoming “for profit” organisations and an accelerated race to the gutter of low wages, insecure contracts and limited or even nonexistent employment law rights for all.

Housing management and repairs could be outsourced to private companies in the same way as cleaning and care workers have been.

Voting Labour will also protect the NHS by repealing the Coalition Health & Social Care Act and the Bedroom Tax. Labour will tax bankers, build more homes and regulate private sector housing.

UNISON and the Labour Party are all part of the same wider Labour Movement family. Like all large families I have ever come across we do not always see eye to eye on all things.

However, I have always believed in the old saying that, “the worst day in any Labour government is much better than the best day in any Tory Government”. 

Progressives should consider joining the Labour Party to help Ed Miliband continue to rebalance the Party towards the centre left.

Branch Labour Link members will play their part in the forthcoming election by taking part in campaigning, door knocking and delivering leaflets for Labour Candidates.

We will also be organising a branch mobilisation event at the House of Commons on “Rights at Work” which all Link members will be welcome.

Don’t forget either that as Labour Link members that you can play a part in the selection of the Labour Mayoral candidate for London. So watch this space and make sure you and your family are registered to vote - and then vote Labour on May 7th.

John Gray Branch Labour Link Officer"

(photo from last year's Branch Labour Link AGM at House of Commons with Lilian Greenwood MP)

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